Ayudo a Emprendedores y Profesionales Achieve [Desirable Outcome]

Here you want to write a short paragraph that quickly explains exactly what your product is and how it’s the perfect solution.

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Guide: How to Get [Benefit] Without [Pain Point]

How to Get (benefit) Without (pain point)

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Sergio Duarte

Write this section in third-person, meaning you should not use the words ‘I’ or ‘We’ or ‘Me’. Instead, talk about yourself objectively using 'he' or 'she'. Use this space to show off your achievements and prove why you are the right person to be providing the services you provide. But just after you’ve talked yourself up, make sure you end on a friendly note. You don’t want to sound intimidating, you want to sound knowledgeable and friendly.


How to Get [Benefit] Without [Pain Point]

Add some more information to help users understand your product. Keep it short and clear.